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Frieza sh figuart action figure - Dragon ball z Merchandise

Frieza sh figuart action figure


Frieza Sh figurart action figure
  • Size: Appx 15cm - 5.9 inch
  • Age Range: 5 and up
  • Brand Name: Dragon ball z action figure , dragon ball z sh figuarts
  • Condition: Brand New with box

Dragon ball Z frieza SH Figuarts, this is the action figure depicting frieza final form,  adjustable and extremely accurate.




freiza sh figuarts

Big things do come in small Packages, says Lord Frieza: emperor and ruler of the universe.

This isn't just a regular action figure! From the Sh-figuarts series and voted the most dynamic 

action figure in the DBZ collection. Package features 3 different facail expression, 3 sets of feet, 4 sets of hands, 3 tails

, rock base and kai blast.


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