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Dragonballzgeekz Affiliate Program

  • Anyone is allowed to JOIN! Absolutely free. Start earning TODAY
  • We offer a 10% COMMISSION for every order made - average order per customer is $55
  • Earn 15% Commission after you have managed over 10k in sales and proof to us that you are a real Titan
  • All visitors that you refer through your TRACKABLE AFFILIATE LINK come with a 14 day cookie period. This means if they visited your link they will have up to 14 days to complete a purchase for you to get credit for it compared to most 24 hour programs! 
  • Post your link or coupon on your social media pages ( facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Youtube. ect )  or website/Blog if you have one!.
  • You are allowed to repost ANY of our photos for your marketing! And you're free to create your own collages or however you'd like to promote your link/coupon!
  • This is not a strict partnership, you can promote as much or as little as you want!
  • Payout is through Paypal every Friday! Please register with the address you use for Paypal (this means NO WAITING a month or 2 months before you get paid like most affiliate program) 
  • Once you register you will get your own dashboard to track your visitors and sales generated! 

Ways to earn more? affiliates are creating multiple Instagram accounts beside their main accounts that use our pictures (perfectly fine).   then drive traffic to their affiliate bio link on autopilot using services such as Instagress, generating more sales which = more money in their pockets! It's a simple, but effective business model that generates you more affiliate earnings while you sleep :)
-Instagress is an automated bot that does all the adding, posting, comments, likes and deleting on Instagram for you.
-Posting on reddit, and anime forums